Warm Buddy Dachshund

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Our grandchildren, Rory and Clark, love these guys! Why? They are no ordinary stuffies. Their tummy has a heat pack velcro'd inside and they are hypoallergenic. Warm the heat pack in the microwave and they become the most cozy, soothing friend to take to bed and cuddle on cold nights (or freeze for a cooling pack). Makes a GREAT gift! Their moist heat also helps with separation anxiety, tummy aches, fevers, colds, cramps and sleep problems. You can add essential oils for an even more enjoyable experience. "Everybody needs a warm buddy."

We have several choices of Warm Buddy stuffies and several choices of wraps and pads for pain management and other therapies. This natural remedy has long holding heat, is easy to use, and can be combined with essential oils for aromatherapy.