#N4 Nut Lover's Gift Box

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A Nut Lover's Dream! Packed inside this gift box is a wonderful collection of nuts including: Large Ontario black skinned peanuts, Ontario red skinned dill peanuts, Ontario red skinned salt & vinegar peanuts, chocolate & sea salt cashews, cashew-almond squares, chocolate covered mixed nut brittle, a giant peanut butter cup, Bavarian beer nuts, a pecan caramel puddle, a peanut/popcorn/pretzel Boardwalk Crunch bar, and Old Dominion Peanut Crunch - salty peanuts in a delicate brittle glaze.

It can be picked up at our Elgin St location.  (Shipping and delivery also available. Please call 613-623-3858 or email michael.wilson@bellnet.ca to arrange shipping or delivery.)