#B106 Salty & Sweet Summer Treats (Can be made with choice of assorted green tea or assorted chocolates)

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Dolcetto Lemon Rolled Wafers, Dolcetto Tiramisu Rolled Wafers, Dark Chocolate Sea Salr Cashews, Ghirardelli Mint Sqaures, Roasted Pistachios with Himalayan Sea Salt,  Marcona Almonds with a hint of lemon, Foccaccia Crisps Snacks, Butter Flavoured Pretzels, Honey Roasted Peanuts, Ontario Dill Peanuts, Lemon Pistachio Chocolate Bark, Chocolate & Toffee Pretzels, a Chocolate Gerber Daisy and your choice of assorted green tea or assorted Roger's chocolates.  (Can be picked up at our 260 Elgin St W, Arnprior location. Delivery possible. Please call or email to place a delivery order. Shipping not available.)