#B507 - For the Margarita Lover - I'm Coco-nuts About You

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This fun gift includes our favourite margaritas! Gourmet Village Coconut-Lime margaritas are so easy - just add water and tequila and they are delicious! You can add a splash of other things to if you like to experiment - triple sec or coconut rum work great.

This gift includes chocolate & toffee pretzels, Boardwalk Crunch (milk chocolate, caramel corn, peanuts & pretzels), a Stack ( chewy caramel, a little peanut butter & pretzel bits all covered in milk chocolate - so good!), a box of French Truffles,  mix for 4 - 6 gourmet village coconut- lime margaritas and two glasses  - " I'm coco-nuts about you" and "Margarita kinda day." This margarita mix is a house favourite!

Delivery available.  Please call 613-623-3858 to arrange delivery.